The Main Symptoms of Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is a type of cancer affecting the large intestine. Although most common in older adults, a person of any age may develop this cancer. Experts recommend regular colon cancer screening starting at age 50, but some people may need mount pleasant colon cancer screening before this time if they fall into an at-risk category.

You should also immediately schedule an appointment with the doctor if any signs or symptoms of colon cancer develop. It is concerning when symptoms arise and do not go away and usually indicate a serious problem. Your doctor can provide screening and treatment. The earlier that colon cancer is detected, the better the results of the treatments. What signs should alert you to a potential problem?

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·    Persistent abdominal discomfort

·    Bloating

·    Unexplained weight loss

·    Rectal bleeding

·    Bleeding in the stool

·    Fatigue

·    Weakness

These symptoms can also be signs of many other conditions, some less serious, others just as serious or more serious.  The only way to know the cause of such symptoms is from the doctor who can provide testing and screening. Take charge of your health and schedule that appointment.

Most people experience few to no symptoms during the early stages of colon cancer. That is why screening is so important for everyone. Doctors know best and by making an appointment for a screening, you can save your life!

If you notice symptoms that do not go away that cause you concern, do not hesitate to reach out to your doctor. That is his job and he is always happy to help you learn more about colon cancer or get testing. Cancer is incredibly scary but it is treatable if it is caught early enough. Be proactive about your health and schedule screenings as directed.