High Levels Of Stress And Anxiety Not Healthy

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It should go without saying that dealing with high levels of stress and anxiety is certainly not healthy, not by any measure. It would be fair to suggest that a majority of residents would have no compunctions about dealing with said levels of stress and anxiety but it remains the case that for many residents, it is easier said than done. Stress and anxiety treatment kirkland patients would be encountering different traumas, each to their own, if not always treated clinically. 

Mild to severe traumas could be dealing with cases of material, personal or emotional loss. The material loss is now a lot more common these days, particularly in light of COVID-19 whereby so many more people have been laid off. Some people may well find it difficult to adjust to life after a divorce or the loss of a lover all of a sudden. And for some, grieving over the passing of a loved one can be particularly trying.

High levels of stress and anxiety could relate to conditions of suppression or repression. A particularly dramatic event could have occurred much earlier in a person’s life. It remains something of a mystery to the layman or woman how it comes to be that a woman can forget how she was raped as a young child. Or an aged serviceman can forget aspects of the horrors of a war that he had to endure.

Physical injuries, not so much mental injury or illness, could kick start a bout of stress and anxiety behavioral patterns. This could be in the case of an automobile accident. The injured body may be finding it difficult to adjust to the personal injuries and the inability to be mobile in the healthy manner.