Drug addiction is not merely an affliction on the addicts themselves, but also the people around them. No one likes pointing it out, but if neglected, this hardship eats everyone away from the inside-out. Also, the suffering impacts each person differently, bringing in behavioral changes that can potentially tear apart the family.

Family Vs. Individual Therapy: Which one is better?

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The two forms of counseling treatments fall under the broad category of outpatient counseling services austin. At first glance, they may appear different, as they are. However, they do not necessarily have to be two different approaches to recovery.

Each counseling method has its pros and cons, satisfying its primary goal in a calculated manner. However, the treatments are also similar to a lot of turfs. In particular, the self-help aspect of trying to learn through your efforts is common to both.

What does individual therapy proffer?

Individual therapy is crucial to the reformation of the addict. It is a step-by-step process where the primary concern is how to achieve sobriety. Once this gets attained, maintaining it becomes the sole focus. At the end-stage, the treatment starts shifting to aiding in correction of the damages incurred due to the addiction.

What does family therapy proffer?

The primary goal of family therapy is to address the needs of the family, member by member, but in tandem with each other. Decisions and changes get gradually made, keeping family dynamic in mind. While the family’s needs do get addressed, a bulk of the treatment focuses on improving relations with the addict. Moreover, this gets done by ensuring adequate codependence without ending the entire support.

Blending Family and Individual Therapy

In the end, the two counseling procedures encourage rational thinking, responsibility-taking, and fault realization in their own ways. Instead of going separate ways, you can try availing of the combined benefits of both the treatments for a healthier outcome.


Counseling therapies like the Individual therapy and Family therapy serve as an avenue to fresh beginnings with realized responsibility. There is no easy way out from drug addiction or the misery it brings along. However, putting all your effort into conquering it proves to be an inspiring and fruitful achievement.