If you need to get a tooth extracted, you might be worried about the pain that you will have to experience. Calling a tooth extraction chattanooga professional will be a great option as the specialists can provide information regarding the sedation process that the dentist will follow.

The dentist will also recommend prescription pain-relieving drugs or OTC medication that will help you manage the pain.

Pain management during tooth extraction

Other than a minuscule needle pinch, you will hardly feel any pain during a tooth extraction. This is because the dentist or the oral surgeon will administer anesthesia to numb all sensation from the area to be operated on.

In case of complicated procedures, you might be recommended to take a sedation pill, administer anesthesia through an IV line in your arm, or inhale general anesthesia through your nose.

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Depending on the strength of the sedative, you might or might not be conscious throughout the procedure. However, the lightest of these solutions will help you feel no pain during the procedure.

Pain management after tooth extraction

Once the anesthesia starts to wear off, you will begin to get back sensation in your gums, making you feel the pain caused by sore and healing gums. The dentist might recommend OTC medication like ibuprofen to manage the discomfort. However, you can follow some postoperative procedures to get relief.

Putting an ice pack on your cheek while resting with a pillow under your head might help. This is because the pillow will elevate your head, and prevent excessive gravitational blood flow into your gums. The ice pack will relieve sore gums and cheek.

Dentists recommend either only drinking cool liquids or eating soft to avoid irritating your healing gums.


Tooth extraction is necessary for most patients that are recommended to get the procedure done. The procedure is undoubtedly intimidating, but the pain can be managed, as it is a matter of just a few days.