When you begin researching more about cannabis and the various types of cannabis plants and strains, you will inevitably fall into the great sativa vs. indica rabbit hole, and you will find many different arguments for which is the best strain of cannabis from different users. One thing that is largely undisputed is that indica strains are often the best for medical use, for many different reasons.

So, if you live in a state that has legalized cannabis in some form, whether recreational or medical, you will want to think about the top indica strains and what they can do for you if you plan to try them for their medical uses. What makes indica strains such a popular choice for those who plan to use them medicinally?

Indica Strains Can Ease Pain

It has never been a secret that some of the best indica strains out there are capable of helping ease a patient’s pain after using it, allowing them to relax pain-free for a little while without having to resort to using painkillers or other prescription pills.

Cannabis can help a patient feel relaxed without “knocking them out” like painkillers do. This means if you are experiencing some daytime pain and want to deal with it without feeling sleepy, some indica cannabis could really come in handy.

Indica Strains Can Help You Sleep

Conversely, when used during the nighttime, a good indica strain can really help you feel relaxed and ready for bed. Patients who deal with insomnia have reported success with using cannabis to help them relax and feel more sleepy before bed, often achieving better quality sleep after using a quality indica strain.

top indica strains

Which Indica Strain is For You?

There are some top-shelf indica strains out there that can really come in handy for medical patients looking to take advantage of their pain-relieving and relaxing qualities. If you believe any of this could help you in your day-to-day life, think about checking out your local dispensary for some great indica cannabis and see how it affects you.